an introduction to a new voice from the deepest darkness of my sewing room……..

A new blog site, a new focus,      but the same me!

I am still making the small scale historic costumes – stories about them –  and also full size ones on commission, but this new blog will focus on the textile art.

Currently I have work for sale at Blossom Street Gallery  in York and am  hosting a series of workshops for The Viking Loom   on using freehand embroidery,  so it is time to write about this side of my textile world.

freehand machine  embroidery

Copse Edge – freehand machine embroidery and more.

This is not a new thing – I bought my machine 34 years ago (ouch) and with in a year it was mostly used to make images. I have been inspired/driven to use textiles creatively ever since.

What is new is that the textiles are completely part of my art practice, not a separate chapter. I approach it as a sketch, making it is an exploration of the subject matter, the process and media, colour and line are responses to need, not predetermined design choices. Being me it is also a case of making what I have work, of finding scraps, experimenting, unpicking, not of dashing out and buying specialist stuff (unless in serious need of retail therapy).

Field Lane

Field Lane

Over the next few blogs I will try to follow the evolution of one piece, from the looking and recording to the final creation.  I hope to discuss the decision making, the materials and techniques involved,  hopefully giving, and gaining, an insight into my making process.

The start point for this is the pen and watercolour sketch below-

the dancing trees sketch.

the dancing trees sketch.


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