New Day, new view- Poppleton.

Had a busy couple of days – was even out sketching at 6.30 this morning. The light was fabulous, could see all the way from York to the hills beyond Harrogate – 25 miles? If they want the giant golf balls to be secret perhaps they shouldn’t be so bright a white that they glow!  Didn’t draw them,  back to trees and field boundaries

early morning sketch. Pen and wash.

early morning sketch. Pen and wash.

Then back to work on the current beastie.  This is a different approach, I thought the dancing tree trunks came out quite flat – that density of stitching at this scale gives a lovely slick surface but I wanted roughness!  The photo sequence shows this one’s birth – apologies for the photography.

I found some plasticy membrane in my ancient stash – thought it must be either water-soluble, or heat reactive stuff – in my vintage vocabulary it is still called vanishing muslin.

tree skeletons on  disappearing membrane

tree skeletons on disappearing membrane

I hoped that by stitching onto this and then vanishing the membrane,  it would leave me with a raised structure. I don’t really like using this stuff, the feel of it is clammy and it tears if I do a tight zigzag, but if it works then it may just have to be gritted teeth and bear it. In the photo  most of the plastic has been pulled off but some shiny bits still remain.

The  photo  below  shows the  background blocked  in with  paints and  stain .  The  colour scheme  is  the  usual,  drab and , muted  (  clay,  and steel),  using dilute whites on the horizon and duck egg  blue  in  the  sky.

painted bacground

painted background


How do they work together – umm. Promising.3

Spent most of the afternoon working on the canopies – these are layered sheers with the usual rip and fray. The tree trunks were added halfway through so some branches are on top and others obscured. Still some work to do but the trees do have that wriggly quality  I was after.  The road way is now defined by stitching and some couched yarn. Looking okay so far.


Problems to address – P1040820 yarn is too pale – it is muted shades but the contrast to the background is too strong – a bit of coffee stain might dampen that down. Also not sure about the verge on the right. Just how strong does it need to be? In the second there is a line of grey  yarn pinned in, not quite sure about it – may need something stronger still.  At present it is pinned to the workshop wall while I ponder.

Any views or opinions to help me?


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