Boundary Tree – artist in crisis

This is a piece of work that has been causing me problems, trying to balance the tree coming into leaf against the bleak distance of the flat landscape was difficult, but I really enjoyed wrestling physically with it- it is a metre wide on heavy cotton canvas that has aspirations to be rigid cardboard,  and wrestling, artistically speaking, with the composition and processes. Getting it through the sewing machine was a fairly decent work out and scaling up my usually practices was a challenge.  It has been a beast to get right, the tree textures, the relationship to the edge of the field track, the space to the right of the tree, the edges of the canopy, are all in their second or third incarnation. boundary tree named

It has been literally hanging around for a month or two – while decisions were made, put off, then attempted.  Incredibly happy at the start of the week – the grey wandering lines describing the various edges of the muddy track looked good! I even indulged in a celebratory doughnut.  I then had a couple of days of walking around it ( spread out on the floor at the bottom of the stairs so I had to look at it several times a day).   Thinking it was done it progressed to being clipped to a giant artist canvas and leant against the wall in the living room.

Crisis and nightmare – just had hour watching Jane Eyre, or rather not watching Jane Eyre.

Spent the time looking at the piece in the mirror by the tv.  Conclusion – I prefer the whole thing reversed, the other way round. The balance works better, the wandering line lead tantalisingly in to the distance and the tree leans in to frame the path less aggressively.

boundary tree named boundary tree named flip

Please will someone tell me I’m being daft, and not to be  so precious.

Also finding this one very difficult to photograph – at full size it is quite a personality and richly coloured, here it seems wimpy and under developed – enough moan.

Apart from wanting the impossible I still quite like it but definitely don’t want to do it again!


Oh, and then there is the decision about how to present it – Framed, backed as a hanging, or leave raw?


One thought on “Boundary Tree – artist in crisis

  1. crisis averted well, delayed. Turned the piece round so I can’t see it fo the moment! Nevermind – now trying to create huge new problems experimenting with new techniques and material…..


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