I exhibit therefore I am.

This is it folks – it is on the wall, it is for retail,  this week at least I am a proper artist. ( okay, some of it is on the table so people can touch and look more closely at the surfaces.)  A lovely, busy gallery in York, , up on top of Micklegate right by the city walls: the Blossom Street Gallery and Framing. They take a mixture of work from all genres so my cross pollinations should fit in quite well..


Blossom Street Gallery and Framing, York, UK.

The gallery has the work up, labels, artist burble and price list.  Always an exciting moment. The gallery ladies seem to have great fun dressing the exhibit – gone to a lot more trouble than I was expecting for what is a very short notice event.  I still can’t decide whether these are best presented as art which happens to be textiley or textiles which happens to be arty.  They had such a strong response for the textile qualities and thought the  fraying and distorted edges, the odd dangling thread etc are part of what makes these uniquely mine, that I’ve gone with their judgement.


Still can’t get over how different the work looks en masse and how much it has changed in a few quick months.  There is still one piece I can’t remember doing,  I know I have made it but don’t retain any idea of the piece at all-    spooky  phantom textile work of old York Town, well, ‘Above Kettlewell’.


Surprisingly enough there was no mass rush of discerning millionaires fighting to buy out the stock and worship me for every more.(would probably still be running in the opposite direction if anyone tried!)

Please do come in and have a look if at all possible, I would love you to meet the beasties in the flesh, so to speak. Would also  be delighted to have your opinions.

Still waiting for those millionaires.


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