A week of sketching.

What do you do?  Stuck on a hill for a few hours. Scoffed all the snacks, so grab the sketchbook and pen…..

garrowby millington sketches

Very squally day, but wonderful in between the showers.  As a walker I did feel rather out of place though- lots and lots of  serious cyclists  – should I join in and be wearing lycra from now on? ( horror)

I am not sure which of  these will make textile pieces- possibly stitched sketches in monochrome. Any ideas which?  Will be interesting to see how they could work. I want clean areas within the composition and a strong bone structure. A sense of distance is key but I tend to avoid rigid symmetry. Some of the sketches play with dominant textured areas blocking out and framing a view, others use lines crossing into the landscape to draw you in. Currently I have no favourite but .. will probably try one of the  more complex ideas just to see if I can! Probably, mind.

This has been a very drawiy week all  told – lots of new  inspirations to look forward to. Should have some more stitching done for next blog.

sketches June 15


Yorkshire Wolds, nr Poclington

And don’t forget  –  the invitation to The Blossom Street Gallery to see the exhibition is still current. If the thought of seeing my and others’ work isn’t enough then there is a great independent bakery  and of course the York Brewery just a few doors away! Persuaded you yet? ( not gruesome enough? How about it is on the route taken by Dick Turpin on his way to the York Tyburn.)



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