Here we go again…. the next landscape- birth to toddling

P1040869 This meant to be WIP snaps with brief(!) notes, so please excuse the choppiness.

The new piece –  initial tonal sketch and first layers of fabric scraps. Should I ignore the belt of trees to the left? – they frame the space well but it is too symmetrical and rather safe.

Added a layer of the unnamed spunbond  nylon fabric.  Most of this will be removed in time as the image is built up.


The high tech wet  kit. Old cold water dye – blue-ish. Instant coffee mix. Cartridge of ink from a fountain pen ( lines applied with kebab stick). Squirty bottle of clean water and big, soft paintbrush.


Part way in – added the dye and  softened the edges with clean water –  beginning to add the coffee.  Most of the scrap fabrics are synthetics so should resist the stains to some degree.  Turned it upside down  during the drying to encourage the ink in the trees to bleed into the sky. It will dry lighter. I hope it will dry lighter.



Dried in the time it took to mow the lawn!  Roughly cut into the spunbond and began to stitch  the trees and background details.  The foreground is too solid so will get cut and more background cloth revealed once the shapes are established. I do like the sky, it balances the trees out a little, but those trees have eaten up all that ink, and I have  resorted to option B and sewn in crude blocks of lines – rather like the hatching in the sketch. It will need a lot more work, more tonal variation and edges and I need to make decisions about the texture in the trees –  all of this for tomorrow.  Busy day ahead.


What a mess! They always look like nothing on earth at this point. If I can get these blocks of trees right it might be a good one!


And just for your entertainment – This was a reference picture taken on site. Do you think the camera was trying to tell me to clean that filter properly?


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