Ta Dah !! Landscape wrestling complete!

So the day’s work started looking like this –1  well after two washes!  Main areas to work on – texture and density in the trees, the path and verges in the foreground,  the middle ground and also add lightness into the horizon detailing. Umm, the sky was  ok.

Began with the  foreground- cutting the shapes out and defined the verges.


Apologies for the misty pic. See the cuts and layering into the foreground. The trees still don’t work yet.

Switched to variegated quilters’ cottons – No30. It is thicker so bulks up quite quickly but can be quite crude which would suit the hatching idea.  To the left, multiple lines along the back edge of the central space in sharp yellows/greens, softer pale greens up to the horizon.  This should work with the colours in the front to help to harmonise the whole. As you can see the transition from the base of the trees to the ground didn’t work, there is no separation. Rather than use vanishing muslin, a band of dark stitching was worked on the spunbond stuff and attached to make the bottom of the trees and then blended in to the foliage above.  The tree edges were done first with a broken erratic zigzag,  and then the first tree  is worked in straight stitch blocks, the middle trees are in tight zigzag. Several hundred layers ( minor exaggeration) of stitching later and the trees are nearly done.


trial one

Next mission –  stop the central space looking like a hole. Trial one –  greeny yellow paint. Too thin and acid.  Trial two – appliqued the pale chiffon  across and trimmed to fit. Too heavy.  Trial three – wash out the paint and cut back the applique to an unruly fringe – looks good.  Phew.


trial three

The piece is pressed and stretched over a board, it looks so different without the creases. It spent the evening in the garden posed in front of the kitchen window. I hadn’t intended it to be so yellow – the greener chiffon looks bright but blends in. Should I couch heavier lines to the track far edge? This is fester time. I have  ideas, the sketches and photos, the sore fingers, the outcome. Is it worth all of that? Is there more to be done? Obviously more could, but would it be tweaking or fiddling?  Coffee stain on the track way? Neaten up the tree?  Decide tomorrow. 11above fewston dark


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