Really just pictures this week as I am miffed at the work- has not got the bite that I wanted. This may be down to a general lack of ginger biscuits and overall peevishness, or a genuine critical response. Feel free to make your own mind up

Tuesday – cycle and sketch – selection of the day –  green lane curving away, framed close to by trees leading to a small stand of what looks like over grown hedge and a willow.

P1040908 P1040913 P1040906

Went back next morning and drew up onto linen – 10×12.

Making process- nothing startling –

P1040917P1040916  the  blue is the water soluble pen which will wash out later. blocks and scraps of fabric stitched over.  The fabric cut back into shape and more stitching added in layers.

P1160711 P1160707

Front and back. Of course I prefer the back. I think the front is just too  uniform in density.  This is one meant to be framed  but each time I put the frame on I dislike it.  The composition lacks a sense of space- the clump of trees is a lump. So trim,  unpick, adjust –


Starting to like the odd 1950ish  colour and outline combo to the left but the right is not happy. Can not continue to unpick as the fabric is suffering so…..  trying to slide the image around with in the frame- raise the ground and move the vanishing point across a little –  gives more open foreground- better? P1040951

Beginning to wonder if it is the orientation ? Answers on a postcard please.

Did I use all of my time grumbling? not quite. Tried a son of dodgy composition to try to pinpoint the problems. This was based on the back of #1. Guess what.

I like the back of #2.

Some things do not change.


Diary dates – 11th July – freehand  machining workshop .

19th July  10-3.  Meet the artist (me) Blossom Street Gallery, York. Will have my machine and will be as noisy and disruptive as possible – or at least until  tea and the promised biscuits arrive.


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