P1040906I am a textile artist working in England, juggling my own art and textile practice, earning living money, hosting  workshops, and doing the odd piece of historical costuming.

My blog is a form of digital notebook, recording progress, responses, glitches. Having a set day to publish helps to keep the up the momentum, I treat it as a show and tell date and I must have something to share.

I find writing about the processes and my thoughts on my outcomes valuable, it is interesting to  record the nitty gritty of making not just the finished article, to witness  the evolution of ideas and  understand the work that has gone into the  pieces. It is a great way to start a dialogue, even if it is with myself!.

Hopefully my writing will be of interest to others who make or create, we share the same kind of doubts and triumphs no matter the level or genre. Occasional blogs may deal with the technical aspects of my work so may be of some practical value, but mostly I think it will serve to share the fun, and the amount of hard work, that goes into any form of creativity.


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