Future crisis.

Having said ” I exhibit therefore I am”  what will happen when the exhibition closes?

Will I cease to exist?, deflate slowly into nothingness?, fade into the wallpaper?, or just become a little squeaky voice in the wilderness of the York jungle?

It is the last few days. There is the ‘Meet the Artist’ event on the Sunday – really hope lots of people come to that- and then it all comes down on Monday.

Monday morning will be bearable as I’m at work, and that demands its own version of being a real person, but later on? I suppose the painting group in the evening will be another anchor but then……?

Desperate for new outlets and opportunities with nothing major on the horizon yet, still waiting for replies and responses.

Except, of course, for the experiment of a new monthly club-thingy for the Viking Loom. This could be so much fun – focussing on the freehand style work in an informal workshop open to all comers at all levels. Chaos you cry! Need some chaos in my life. It will do me good to give over  control and have to respond to others’ wants, it should stretch  me in new directions.  Just love working with enthusiastic people so I hope there is a strong take up for this.

But that is September….

There is August to survive ’til then. Are there enough ginger nut biscuits in the world to last a whole month? Can one overdose on ginger nuts?

Next blog will be back about the sewing – been taking photos every hour of making time for the new piece. Got to hour 4 and I really don’t like it. The next photo may have to be the making process in reverse as I unpick chunks of it……


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