Brilliant Disguise?

The person most llikely to sneak under the radar  and fool us completely is ourselves. Eagle eyed hindsight is a wonderful thing – it allows us to beat ourselves up over every little error, over and over again.  I am trying to combat this but it has lead in some very strange directions.

Part of my creativity is a sense of play and a sense of the ridiculous, this is now fully deployed to stop that corrosive self criticism. Having enjoyed the weekend meeting, helping and engaging with people both at work and on my own account at the ‘meet the artist’ day, believe me,  there were plenty of minor wrinkles and niggles that could be developed in to cringing crises. But NO this shall not be allowed to happen.

Today’s  key task was to retrieve the old sewing machine from the gallery and bring it back home. I have said thank you to it and in case it got jealous as I used the other machine this afternoon …….

P1050012Do you think it knows how much I appreciate it?  Over 30 years old, only been for service and repair once – and that was for a faulty power lead.  Starts up every time, so easy to adjust and  didn’t moan when I  put the bobbins in the wrong way round for about 10 years!

And the brilliant disguise?  How trying to appear calm  and in control is the weakness,  being prepared to be daft is the really sensible thing to do.

I was going to give it biscuits as well, but I ate them.


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