On the Hour Every Hour. Yarnbury.

Oh dear,underestimated again.  Basic idea-  photograph at the end of every hour of making = neat quick blog of probably 8 images.   Oops.

First – 80 mile round trip to the Yorkshire Dales – 5 hrs walking and sketching, gathering ideas.

draw up and lay out first layers.

End of 1 hour. Drawn up and laid out first layers.


2. 2nd layers. Details of wall and foliage


3. Defining. Details of horizon and track edge.


4. just sewing, and more sewing. And unpicking.


5. detail of the back and wall.




7. Working the bank


8. The Status Quo. Only 3/4 done, still have major decisions and a lot left to do.

Progress is steady rather than exciting.  Gateposts have to arrive (black and grey chiffon just bought in Scarborough!), more to do to the track, and the sky? Can not see the balance of the composition yet so can not even guess how long this will take.


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