Final Hours of Yarnbury

Part 2.  8 hours and onwards.

Left it with incomplete walls,  no gateposts, ill defined horizon, huge creases. Rejoin it with new gate posts but still got a hole in the thorn tree.


9 hours – mostly complete. Details of end of track – grey blob is the top of the gatepost, & bank to left of track.

yarnbury 300dpi

End of 11 hours. Washed, pressed, DONE.

Interesting to see the evolution, but the time taken really is a fiction. It doesn’t include the thinking and pondering time necessary, the foraging time, or the grumpy huffing time and comfort eating time required.  It is impossible to judge just how much has gone into this – the 11 hours is purely sat at the sewing machine wishing it would go faster.

There is a lot of sewing in this one, could have been even more but I don’t want to get drawn into doing thread pictures. I want the fabrics to be tactile, to remain totally fabricy, and to enjoy their different characters. I have the real hills  out there,  a camera, paints, pencils etc to make pictures with. To justify the time, expense and pain the textiles take, they have to offer something different.

If I started again would I change things? Yep. No hesitation.  Not going to tell you what though, it might be in the next piece.

And where is Yarnbury?      UK, North Yorkshire,  Yorkshire Dales, Wharfedale, just above Grassington, an area of old mine workings right on top of the hills. There are more information boards about the history of the mining than people. ( And far more sheep than either)


2 thoughts on “Final Hours of Yarnbury

  1. Hello Fran, have seen you busy at work in the Stonebow and discovered your blog through the Arts Barge newsletter. Love your tree instructions and this landscape work. It will inspire me to get my Frister Rossman out again!


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