Tree drawing 3, stepping out.

Okay, you’ve been carefully following the guidance and constructed wonderful trees. What next? Well, lots of trees.

garrowby (2)

Try varying the technique to give a range of tone and surfaces. It can go as light or dark as you like, or as rough. Use it to create shadows and let the  white page be sunlight.   Once you have got the idea then use it on all sorts, it is great for giving volume and weight, and once you get going you will wonder at all the fuss over drawing the perfect outline.  Take a look at some  of the great artists’ sketches – I didn’t invent this , it has very strong roots and provenance.


P1150334 This is with pencil = much softer. Try mixing it up with strong lines, empty spaces and defined detail.

So much to try, so much to do……… who needs sleep, or food?


3 thoughts on “Tree drawing 3, stepping out.

  1. wow, i love the tree the most. It’s hard for me to draw it, but yours is awesome, i love it. Hey, you can check out my blog too sometimes; looks like we’ve got spmeething in common when it comes to pencil

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