New member of the family!

Meet my new friend.


Meet my new space for the new friend to go into. First came the space – a communal art space – part dedicated to individual artists, part group space. It is an unloved building waiting for final planning to pull down and redevelop, but in the mean time……… Blank Canvas have negotiated the use of the building  and I am renting  my little bit through Artsbarge


The cross in the foreground is my space. The room has amazing views all the way round the city centre.

And now meet the new manic me trying to get organised! Now I need basic furniture……

So then I needed a machine to use there. I want to work big, so no to the  New Home, and the Novum  is still settling down and I am using it as a second beastie at present.  So hours trawling on line – multiple questioning and no responses except for one off the Sewing Forum.  Picked it up this evening.   It goes whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr brum de dum whirrrrrrrrr and is really sweet on the pick up, accelerates really smoothly. Whirrrrrrrrrr   Love it!

Details – Frister Rossmann 500. Straight, zigzag, the 3 needle  positions and feed dog switch. Metal body. flat bed extension table, all in a suitcase  with the original manual.

Fairly standard, so why the love?

It has curly antennae, 1 either side.  Like little ears.

P1050156 P1050155 P1050157P1050159

It has proper metal sticky out levers and dials, the table has fold out 1950s legs. The case is lined with orangey dogtooth and it goes whirrrrrrrrrrrr. And smells delicately of machine oil. It even still has felt discs still on the spool pins.

It just makes me giggle away and smile. Love it!

A huge thank you to Siobhan!  Can’t wait to use it.


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