New -ish Beginnings


Oh woe!   Not really. More of an  ‘ Oh,  ummmm,   York.’

Since taking the workspace in the city centre I seem to be losing sight of trees, or at least seeing them as a part of a new context. Don’t worry I haven’t gone all urban, drinking take out coffee  wearing black  and making sure everyone can see and hear me on my amazing new phone, but I am striving for a different  take or shift in subject matter.

When I look out across the city roofscape I still focus on the trees that break through the sky line, can’t help it. The fascinating jumble, the angles and patterns of a mediaeval city no longer really hold the attention, it is how the trees define what is around them and also the old churches. Their intricate tracery and  fine detail are somehow tree like in the way they just emerge above the roofs,  completely out of step with the tiles, chimneys pots and  other structures.

P1160814 P1160820

And of course there is the minster. It just sits there,  unbelievably big and utterly self contained. I sat in the park at the back of it this lunch time, sketching, it is very frilly in a stone kind of a way, and somehow impersonal. I prefer drawing it from the work space – the eyesight isn’t so good so I don’t feel obliged to be too accurate about the details. So the rest of the afternoon was wandering around some of the other old churches dotted about the centre. I am much more at home with the  more domestic and less imposing scale of building.


St Denys


This last week has mostly been about walking in the city at odd times of the day, just getting reacquainted. It has its own sense of rhythms and tides. I have been trying to draw but  I need to redevelop a vocabulary that fits the shapes and characters plus work out exactly what I want to see and record. I won’t share these until I am certain ( certain enough) about what I want to focus on and how. Seeing things in print makes them seem more official and important,  when in reality they are only stepping stones and  will probably end up in the bin as the ideas and responses evolve or die.

Sewing Machine update

P1160824First try at an image  with it!

Still adore it. It is now in it’s new home ( an absolute sage in it’s own right. Why didn’t the lift work?) whirring away with a passion. I have found that it doesn’t seem to have any middle gears or brakes so  experiments are in hand to sort out the scale I need to work at.  I did consider naming it either  Colin or Eric. Couldn’t decide which fitted best so tried to run the two together –  Ercol (I was sitting on an Ercol chair!) , Erin  or Colic.  Oops. Rethink time! Answers on a postcard please.

P1160812Part of York I had forgotten about!.  Also noticed many more ducks….. P1160810


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