New-ish Beginnings have begun.

Still arguing with myself about what I want from this, how should I approach it, what qualities do I want it to have.  The conclusion reached so far is  that I don’t know. Solution is to stop thinking and do.


1st option, scratchy, questing


couldn’t bear option2 so more of the 1st style!

The drawings come into 2 categories – 1, scribble until find a line,  2, find a line and stick to it.

I like the 1st option, it is about asking questions rather than knowing the answers. But how to translate this on to textiles?

Effort 1.reverse applique and lots of stitching. This is part way in.



Transferred the idea onto canvas and layered fabric on top with the intention of stitching and then cutting away areas to leave blocks of tone. Problem one – couldn’t see the design! P1160859 Reversed it and am now stitching on the back of the fabric so that what we see will actually be the bobbin thread.

Problem 2 – inconsistent tension – the side I’m stitching looks fine but there are snarls and snags underneath. I am still learning how to work with this machine but at present am convincing myself that this is TEXTURE, and leaving it will be a considered artistic decision, and perhaps I should do more of it to prove that it was a positive action……oh hum. See problem 3!


Problem 3 – the design is everything about drawing that I don’t like – all information and no life. I like the nodules and knots of the first style and need to let this happen as I machine. The design has to be guidance not gospel or it will end up sterile and flat.  Thank goodness for problem 2. (Problem 2 1/2 – difficult to sew accurately with these encrustations underneath)

P1160868 P1160870

I have begun making the first cuts and the idea is beginning to pull together more. Several more stitchings and snippings will be needed to build up the image and give it the density that I want.

Problem 3 – ran out of fruit pastilles so reverted to clock watching. Hard to avoid. See below.



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