Stone Windows

At last – done. It isn’t that it has been a major pain, it has just been pushed to the background as various other deadlines and problems have come and gone.  Please excuse the creasing etc, it is only held in with masking tape, not properly stretched yet.


This actually subdued but richly coloured!

I say done. Doesn’t mean that adjustments will not happen. It is in a spare frame at present  until  declared fully done.

Temporary framing is a useful tool- it makes it look like someone else’s so it is easier to be more objective when evaluating.

P1160990At the moment I am happier with it than I thought possible – about 60% approval rating. Not entirely sure about the incomplete areas – do they look sketchy or merely incomplete? Does the wonkiness detract, do the flat areas of cross hatching dominate too much, and how big do I want it to be? Do I like the techniques used, can I do anything about the fabric distortion they cause?

It is hard to remember that this was all a solid block of the darkest tone and the variation is caused by refined and controlled scissor action, pulling, tugging and muttering.

Just look at that plummy brown deep tone, the sparkle of the clean pale ochres, the weaving of the colours in the flat stitched zones…..  well, it is all there, honest. (The camera seems to be protesting – wants some nice bright Caribbean holiday snaps to take)


As for stone windows 2 – bit of a rethink and redirecting. The roof top view is great – but  it is the suddenness of the medieval  in amongst the other shapes that is intriguing.   I’ve included two of the corners I look past to see the Minster but left them as stitched outlines with an ink wash.  I am hoping this will fade so it is leaning up in the front window, scaring the late bumblebees.

I think I need someone to talk all of this through with  when making- a cat perhaps?   Need to adopt a stray photographer as well, my pictures seem to be getting worse! Think I will celebrate Sundayness, lack of cat, photographer and done status by making some popcorn.

Scissor status – location known and blunt – 2

location unknown and sharp – 3.


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