Colour, shadows, mists,  blues, mad spiders!  It is so good when the  seasons change, the known becomes different, the character changes. All of a sudden cycling with sandals becomes far too elemental an experience, and a draught is a bad thing not a welcome relief.

The joy of finding a tree,  then draw, ponder, sew.

It was so good that I forgot to record the process, chopped up the sketches and haven’t even got the images out of the camera yet.

autumn tree Clifton Bridge

This is the Autumn Tree, Clifton Bridge.  For those not York people, this is a main road bridge, not glamorous or special but the raised path does give a great view of the willows down by the river.  Hop off the bike by the traffic lights, quick sketch and photos, reassure the folk who stopped to see if there was a problem (embarrassing, but very kind) and off again to the Home of Colin at Stonebow.  Stagger up the stairs, pull Colin out of his cave, plug in and sew. That immediate.  Found the vanishing muslin had lived upto its name so sewed madly over some proper muslin and spent  hours sat in the sunshine pulling the warp and weft out. That was the main textured part. It was put over a foundation of cross hatched patches and scraps and scribbled into place. And there it is……  want to do another but with dark bobbin threads on the lace work…..

I’m doing an artist in a gallery thing again this coming weekend at the Blossom Street Gallery in York – small forest by then?


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