Is there enough blob?

Indulge me please. Not the A1 but.....

 (Indulge me please. Not the A1 but…..

Thinking  about composition. Been working pictorially for most of the year – treating the fabric like a canvas or paper, time to play a bit more. New season, new colours and textures, so new format.

Do I feel that the presentation should be a reflection of the idea (pompous) not an after thought (double pompous)? Probably. Doesn’t always work out like that (never), the doing of something always seems more important than what to do with it later.(oops)  So…..

Did a lot of driving on the weekend , ricocheted up and down the A1 between York and  Newark. Utterly beautiful, especially in the morning mists. What I was seeing was bits of, not the whole vista,  sudden cows gleaming in the sun, a snatch of vibrant  colour or contrasts, isolated shapes. And lorries, lots of lorries.  Sat in a meeting (paying attention honest) on Saturday replaying the journey and what I did remember was like a string of beads, blobs of visual memory strung along the memory of the driving. Having survived the meeting it was time to drive back. And back again the next morning…. Lots of blobs.

Initial stitch responses  so far haven’t got it ,  but I do like strings of treeness, like the outgrown thorn hedge below,

nice enough but too picture still. And the fabric sketch of the gap between two belts of trees – that row of singleton trees ….P1050170


I think I actually see in blobs. ( Might require new glasses.)How about separating subject and background physically? (Contrived?)  Or trees on a string? (tree bunting)  Hmmmm……answers on a postcard time again.

Going out sketching this morning – not sure what to do with this yet. Ponder time…..


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