I was discussing how I saw landscape,  small snatches of intense detail against  general landscapeness. This is my first attempt that has got beyond the immediate  ‘bin it’ stage.  Still in fairly raw state –  don’t look too closely.


Successful? No, not yet.

Potential? Umm.  Will need serious revision. But maybe worth pushing it further for a while.

To get that separation I have been  trying to show this limited focus with colour and textures. sewing the focal point trees on vanishing  muslin (yuk) and then on chiffon ( light weight semi transparent fabric- the green stuff) Oddly I expected the vibrant red, greens, purples and yellows of the trees to stand out – nope. Added dark blues to give some substance but it has ended up as outlines.  The chiffon was then brutally attacked, torn, plucked, shredded, and the whole thing stitched on top of the more monochrome  landscape.


Moan one : Trees disappeared.  Took out more chiffon, added more treeliner.

Moan two : Trees still disappeared.  Bye bye to more chiffon. Completely ravaged to areas between the trees.

Moan three: Guess what. Took back the background tone, pulling the grey fabric form under the crosshatch stitching.

It is better, but not better enough, and my fingers are sore. (moan four)

I will try this again with some serious amendments.

Far less background stitching.

Not so abrupt  start and stop of colour, have snippets of colour across the whole thing, might make it feel less contrived.

Try completely vanished lacy trees.

Bring trees further forward or shrink the horizon or crop the edges off? . Don’t use bright green P1050180

Sewing machine update = haven’t acquired any more but the Frister Rossmann Cub appears to be a Nigel. And miracle beyond miracles – I know where all my scissors are!


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