No Satisfaction….. the halfway to everywhere and nowhere stage.

Ever been here? The arms have fallen off the signposts, the only sign of passage is going back the way you came, even housework looks like a viable option.

Only excuse – head cold. Quite an intense one, but that had it’s benefits – all the food in the back of the cupboard that I didn’t really like is gone – couldn’t taste or smell it so it didn’t matter what I ate – even the horrible strong mustard crisps.

So, status? Have been busy, but not progressing with great decisive leaps.

Stone windows – no.2. intensified tone and will crop it tighter than first intended – don’t honestly like the whole of things, prefer fragstone 2 cropments.

Landscape blobs – started 2 small ones- varying the approaches to try to get the ideas across more effectively. My bet is on the purple tree at present – using flat blocks of tonal fabric against intense areas of colour and texture.



Also stitched several autumn tree layers ready to use.

Part way into WW2 costume job, making Civil Defence battle dress.

Finished off mini Victorian bustle ensemble ( part of it had to be retrieved from the hoover, so thought should finally hem it and sort out the bustle as an apology)P1170076P1170077

And changed my work room lighting. Made the guy in the local DIY laugh at least.

Also had some volunteers in to try some sampling out on – came with cake! So not all doom and gloom.

Nearly forgot – been playing with a Victorian portrait idea. Lots still to resolve – not least disguising her secret past as a prizefighter and the outsized dress.P1170089

Next week is costume making. Working on the little landscapes is second. Sorting out for the workshop I’m hosting on the 14th is third. Need inspiration for bleak landscapes, so explore and sketch is fourth (depending on the weather), Mounting or framing existing work is sixth. Watching Strictly is underpinning all of the above.


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