Reverse work tree – what not to do to expensive fabrics!

Couldn’t resist this.  Recreational violence – textile style.  This was about 1/2 hour stitching, 5 minutes pressing, and hours in between ripping, tearing, snipping, tugging and twisting. Bliss.


It began as solid layers of golden organza, green chiffon, a piece of orange silk and heavy weight shot silk sandwiched onto some vintage linen. The simple tree was freehand stitched through all of them. Then the fun time. In the second image you can see the layers being cut away, and then the thinning and picking at the layers to leave the contrasts of fibres, colours and textures. Another brief session of freehand work just to anchor the bits and it is done.


autumn tree making

Easy! Straightforward! Love this reverse technique.

Did take a whole day though. And I have drifts of fibre and fabric bits everywhere.

Never mind – they are the raw materials for the next one. And it is impossible to hoover until they are all safely gathered in! Hurrah!

One thing is certain – need to take better photos – the colours are so much richer than this! The base layer is actually a sandy acidy green, the chiffon a mid grass green, and there is a bright burnt orange in there too.


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