The three autumn trees

So last week I showed the intense autumn tree – this week it’s what happened next, and  what is still happening to all the leftover bits.


Tree 2 –  This was scrappy  bits  of the unwanted  fabrics  in rough layers, stitched and then cut back as in the first one. The whole looked a little stubby so the  scraps of the scraps were  sewn into the extended  branches. There is definite difference in the result, the bottom half is richer and denser, but difference gives the tree more character and life1 happy accident.


This is tree  3- on the last part of the  old linen but this time the pulled fibres and scraps of the scraps of scraps  are worked into the stitches as the tree grows. It looks so much lighter and more delicate.


I like them together, as a sequence, but  already

Been  experimenting with adding a quilted landscape around the last tree but am not certain if it is effective enough. Perhaps a slight colour in the line could help – it is getting back to the idea of only having certain areas in full focus. When it is dry then It will be decision time.


There is still a small pile if fibres left to play with – a small bush perhaps. or maybe use if developing the quilting further………


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