Hope everyone has recovered from Christmas and New Year – things here in York were a bit too exciting – major flooding in the city and surrounding areas, but it was amazing how quickly  it seemed recede. One of the worst aspects  was  the  needy politicians  arriving for the media frenzy, getting their sound bite in. My spot wasn’t affected but  best wishes to all who were and are still sorting it out.

My life has been far less dramatic – more stitching of bird badges, and sorting out for the workshop in January – more birds, but dafter ones, more flamboyant ones. There are spaces still available if anyone wishes to join in.


.East Keswickline

But even better news – FINALLY  started new major pieces of work!  So much time has been spent pondering, questioning and experimenting, and procrastinating, that it is a real relief to get moving again…

The sun nearly shone, there was petrol in the car, the wind was not howling around, and most importantly I had to go the Wetherby anyway.  Having purchased some lemon doughnuts (disgustingly synthetically sweet) was ready to invade areas new(ish).  Stopped just off the main road to Harewood with easy access to the Ebor Trail.  Walked one way over the ridge to East Keswick – Wow, there were layers of landscape and distant hills  – and then down to the River Wharfe – also wow, if a bit wetter. The erosion on the path was impressive – a great gouge right through the  surface and hard-core, couple of foot deep in places, but it was easily negotiated.  The sun may have been nearly shining but it was still cold on the hands so the sketches were quick and, well, very sketchy. Not even the horrible doughnuts could help.  In spite of this it was so good to be back outside, somewhere different and exploring –  sang along to Tom Waits all the way home, and that takes some doing….

sketches East Keswick

This morning was  trying  some painted sketches – bah. It was trying to snow, so will have to go back and try again. Never mind, I have drawn up 2 large pieces and painted them ready to sew.




And here they are  – one calico, the other canvas , scribbled on the  composition (love the Frixion ball point!) and then scrubbed on some watered down emulsion.  Not exactly beautiful yet.

But it is a start.


And where are these darlings now?

Pegged to a radiator to dry them more quickly.

I want to sew!




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