The Big Beastie.

This piece has a definite character and personality of its own. For one thing it is bigger than I am. And being a heavy cotton canvas it has been a very physical wrestling match to get it through the machine. I should try feeding it cat biscuits.


This has been quite a struggle – moving furniture to accommodate=  nailing to the garage to dye= but the scale has been fun. It has  meant a lot of stitching to fill the spaces – over   500m of  on the trees at present, and they will get more once it is dry. I have been using a vintage Singer darning foot,   it seems more sympathetic  than the generic freehand 31lfYaNQzIL__AC_UL320_SR282,320_ones, the lever engages on the needle screw in the same way but with out the thump as it is raised.  Both  of the extreme enthusiasts,  Colin the Frister-R 500 and the New Home XL-II, seem happy to work with it,  with a minor modification, even  at full speed.



The beastie is now hanging in the shower cubicle, I have been washing the excess dye off, and this seemed like the best place. I only hope it dries during the day – I have guests arriving tomorrow!  This is the back –



next week should be the grand reveal.

With any luck this could be the centre piece of my York Open Studios show – only if I find somewhere big enough to hang it!

banner rectangle




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