Big Beastie revealed

This is  how far it has got –

At least it is out of the shower ( guests appreciated that). It had half an hour of stitching but the only place I could put it for the week end was on the tall wall at the head of the stairs.  Over the two days it has hung more and more lop sided.P1050409

So at the moment it is hanging under tension over one of the bedroom doors. ( the guests  escaped before their room was quite effectively barricaded.) I intend to steam it gently and hope it relaxes. Doubt that it go back into a perfect rectangle but it should agree to get a bit closer than it is.P1050410

I find the over piece a bit stark still, overly dramatic, but in sections I really like it. Because the contrast in approaches, in the surface textures , works well,  the difference between the linear  banking, the wall and the dense mat of the  trees needs no restrictive outlines or defined edges.  Maybe the trees are  a little too dense  but I am looking at it with winter eyes, used to bare branches, and these are  pines.  The photos are not brilliant, the colours are deadened and duller, but when it comes off the door …….

and don’t forget banner rectangle



2 thoughts on “Big Beastie revealed

  1. Awesome! I’m so happy I found you, as your art is not only brilliant, but also highly inspiring. When I had to drop out of my design studies, I talked to my teacher about turning to sewing and using that as my medium. Unfortunately he was not very supportive, and I was ill, so the little fabric-artsy sprout ended up being squished. Though not thoroughly, I can feel it growing (but I’d better not be discouraged because of my age, or nothing will happen. Starting now I guess I can hope to be decent in my 70s or something…). And if I were in the UK, I’d definitely come to the Open Studio!


  2. So glad you have found this of use! I usually am burbling to make notes about each piece as a personal record about the processes and responses. If there are any areas, ideas you would like me focus on or clarify please ask! As for freehand machine work – go for it, the best fun you can have with a sewing machine and totally liberating. The worst damage I have done to myself or machine is to break a needle or so, more likely to stab myself when hand sewing. There is so much ‘tuition’ out there – I would suggest grab the general idea of how, and then ignore everyone else and just DO.


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