Experimenting aftermath……

This is the culprit. A synthetic shot organza. Its crime?  To lure me away from the focussed effort   to a world of ‘ ooohhh, I wonder …….what if……. could I’s.   It also managed to  invade all the interesting little crevices and holes  on the sewing machine’s needle plate and bobbin mechanisms. P1050435 But am I holding a grudge?  Yep.  2 days with tweezers and a stiff brush later, I am not only holding a grudge but nurturing it too.  Moral of the story – destruct testing of processes and materials can get messy.

There are 2  experimental pieces that have survived, (I have taken 2 photos of each trying to show how the colours  and transparency change if viewed from different angles)-  both are worked over existing oil paintings. The canvas was prised off the stretcher, stitched and then  reassembled.  This time I worked with the image, layering various colours of this fabric and  chiffons  and silk fibre with stitching over.  As usual I am not totally convinced, the shifting colour is beguiling, the muting effect on the painting  is subtle but there is more that needs to happen and I am not yet sure what.  The fabric seems an after thought, an embellishment, not truly part of the image making process. There is a more abstract canvas still on the windowsill waiting its turn……need inspiration.


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