Open Studios Taster Exhibition excitement



You can probably get a cure for this but I hope it takes me a long time to find it!  I like the tension of a deadline, the delivering and then knowing next time I see the piece it will be up there in public!banner rectangle

Of course I had it all under control until I realised at 12.00 on delivery day that I had diligently and carefully finished and presented the wrong piece.  Only a spot of gibbering panic later and the right piece was mounted and in a frame, and then delivered in plenty of time…..  The Blossom Street Gallery is hosting this again, opening next week!

This is the making of the wrong piece – didn’t even remember to photograph the right one! Scroll over the photos for very brief making notes.


Liked the colour on the tree but added some into the hedge. Also added some hand stitching to the trunk after this to break up the slick, smooth surface a bit.

To balance the image more colour and texture went into the field margin and the ink was allowed to blur and soften some of the stitching.

And how did this turn out – just what is the exhibition missing?

field edges CopmanthorpeField edges, Copmanthorpe, York.


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