The Mystery revealed

Well, the show has now launched! The creators dispersed and on to the next thing ( holiday!) and my part is over.P1050507

It has shifted from production to running wardrobe. Several of the volunteers are involved still, as wardrobe maintenance, dressers, stewards, with over 40 performances can you image the logistics involved in just making sure  everything is right and ready.

The press photos are better than mine so these links will take you out and about on the web – to the official site ,   local press,   I am sure there are many others.

The Adam and Eve costumes are done and dusted –  Janet has left a repair kit just in case of calamity –  there are more encrustations, metallic dustings, and  stronger contrasts.finished adam

The surface is so organic it is almost bark-like in places yet it also  fits in well with the decaying walls of the medieval St William’s College.

But this is done and somebody else’s baby now. The last robe is made (I think it was God’s understudy’s), most of the sewing machines returned to Janome and the gear packed up. The charity shop Mind cleared out the unused contemporary clothing donations  and the rails are empty.  I will have great memories of the workroom, working for Lorraine, Fiona etc., and the volunteers, some of whom are as daft as I am – and who can bake…..

P1050508 Meet the Devil Worm – a creature made by Anna using offcuts from the devils’ body suits ( she was sat wrestling with the vile, slippery printed lycra for over a week so revenge was required.) The worm travelled around the building, made a nest, had an elegant ruff/cloak  made from angel costume fabric, and has snuck home with me for new adventures.

adventures of worm

His fate is happier than the Biblical Banana, that finally bit the dust and is consigned to history.

I shall miss the banter and camaraderie  of the group … but back to doing my own creative work, need to clear the backlog of costume and textile commissions, prepare workshops, and of course I have no more excuses for avoiding the evils of housework or cutting the hedge!  Time for a coffee.



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