Experiments Completed

Summer is here! It is official – I have the mosquito bites to prove it. And having big dose of bright sunlight has made such a difference.

The initial 4 ‘experiments’ are complete, even framed so I have to stop adding to them.

The start of the first was shown last week and has ended up very me apart from the yellowness, which I am starting to like (typical). The shift is in the focus, it isn’t about the trees so much as about the light/shade contrasts. As for the colour – not a single grey or black has been used. The density and richness of colour was as important as tone so the dark was created out of several nearly dark colours and left mostly as purple/ navy.

No. 2 is similar in subject matter with less fabric and lighter in feel. The stitching is fairly tight in places but there still quite a lot of space left in the composition so hopefully it doesn’t look crowded. Even with the initial wool and fabric sketch I find it quite flat, quite controlled. The mixing of colour is less bold, I tremble at the thought but ….perhaps it needed more violent pink?

Number 3 is from a garden sketch, much busier, more complicated layering with lots of fabric included. This is the least successful for me. It is lumpy in so many ways, some of the stitch is crude and awkward. This was done on my Memorycraft machine – before you say posh, it is old enough to have kids leaving school and is probably panicking about a pension plan. It is a sound machine, willing to try any type or thickness of thread, but runs quite slowly, hence the angular chances of direction. I tried to leave more of the wool and fabric from the ‘sketch’ showing but don’t think the balance is right even though the idea of sunlight seems to come across. I think it is caught trying to be too many things at once – detailed yet bold, simply complex, and spontaneously precise. It was never going to work out. Too yellow?

And the forth. This may be the bravest, certainly the hardest to get my head around. The underpinnings were blocks of fabric, browny pink, sparkly blue, patterned dull jade. Not the most promising selection but something to argue with. The dull jade now looks very blue – putting purple accents and then randomly stitching all over it with sky blue did wonders. Leaving it that bright was a struggle especially when putting in the flat acid yellow and lime for the field in front. The banks of vegetation making the fence line were not meant to be that colour at all. I do see blues by mid afternoon on a bright day but these are violet over pink! Umm, not really sure what was happening overall but it felt right so it stays, the vibrancy of the colour takes you to the fringe of the wood land and then out to the open field beyond. The direction of the stitching became more important – varying this created distinct areas without the need for heavy tone – something to explore next. The only green is in the foreground and a strip in the tree canopy – not bad for a landscape – might be why I like it!.

Current approval ratings – No. 1 = 60% No. 2 = 75% No.3 = 50% No. 4 = 85% ( this will probably change as I live with them)  Is this right?

As for the Memorycraft, back in its corner relaxing – Colin the Frister R came out to play to finish No.4. The silly whirring noise it makes still makes me smile, and the speed! The stitches went from long and rambling to tiny and dense in an instant.


Happy chaos  & nearly emptied all my prewound bobbins.


Apologies to Jenny’s cat and Lynn’s family, but this is definitely my favourite Colin!


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