Wheldrake Woods

A Tale of Adventure, Monsters, Thunderbird Hand and a Little Sewing.

Well, went to explore some localish woodland, bit by a horsefly on the back of the right hand and boy, did it swell. Nearly back to normal now but for a few days it really did look like it belonged to a giant plastic puppet – reminded me of when they did hand close ups in the original Thunderbird series. Made the doctor laugh, and the nurse, and the receptionists and the pharmacist!

Purpose of exploring new woodland – sketching. Limited myself to one of each primary plus white.  Also helps if don’t lose paintbrush, so broke up my old RAC membership card and painted with that – makes a blocky, printed look with layers of transparent colour.


Chose this to work from. Part of a little series looking at the layering where a section had been cleared, so looking through one line of trees, across a space to the next belt of trees. Nothing earth shattering, but liked the patterns made by the trunks, against the contrasts of tone and spaces.


Rough plan – horizontal bands of colour and texture,  strong verticals all but travelling top to toe.


The backing is very roughly dyed –  a heavy white cotton from an elderly pillowcase. I have chopped this up  and pinned onto water soluble fabric.  I will stitch across this  and then wash it away to leave open areas, or at least that is the thought. The initial blocks of fabric are in place – it just needs some wool hand stitched on  before machining.  Does not look pretty at present.  I have random dyed offcuts from the pillowcase to add in some surface texture – these are the most promising parts of the project so far ( did like making the sketchbook too) P1050669, and they are dangling to drip into the sink!

Next stage – block in trunks and areas of strong colour with wool. Then to machine!



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