Stitching the Woods.

Bit of guess what happened next!  The initial stages of this were tentative and not really that convincing, but…….it was worth it. This is closer to what I am about.  Just why is it such a fight to get it out there!

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The pics are a bit skimpy – got too involved in the making. This one really did push back, ended up varying techniques to create depth and definition rather than relying in tone. This  is a painting, not a drawing any more. Okay, there are areas I would set light too out of sheer frustration, but  it does give much more back than the last piece. Sad but true- explicit control bores me, dancing on the edge with Mr  Arrgh! is much more fun.


Done! The left is still asking questions Staring to feel like dribbling blue pigment through the yellow. Please stop me.

Or bleach? No, Down, Leave.

Do like the shadow frame though. Took this to an art event on Sunday, did get interest but folk preferred the drab and sombre Big Beastie colour palette!  Get told I work too cold, now too hot…….

Went back to the woods yesterday. Got a head full of sunlight and shade, of heat and sound and touch –  fabric is being abused in rust and dye at present. Wonder how it will happen this time.





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