it has been a MONTH since the last blog – just no excuses. Blog time became travel time and the head prioritised other things for a while. That particular urgency is fading so the blog is fighting back!p1050958

We left with the world being green. The world is now far more blue, may be with bits of orange. Yellow is being a pain, again. It is too obliging, far too social in its outlook and interaction with other colours and  a menace tonally. And as for purple!

Above is how the(mostly) hand stitched piece ended up.  strong colours against a darker base, lots of space between them in most areas so they glow like little jewels.


This is the current machined piece partially done. On the left are the underpinnings, initial working, to the right is more intensively worked.  There are equally intense colours but as they are layered and worked   in parallel lines or cross hatching  they  sink into each other! Clear hues become muddied, brights become dull, even the tonal values shift . There are many more colours now to the right, including violent orange, but the overall effect is duller. It seems that when sewing the directions of the stitching, the density, the order of the layers,  the thickness and surface quality of the thread are so important. As in painting, the colour in the tube or on the reel is rarely what you get on the canvas.

The impact of colours on each other is such a real problem/advantage (depending on the outcome!) but if anyone has a solution to how to get a clean, sharp yellow that can float above the background without resorting to eggyolk thick rayon thread or acid neon please let me know.


for something just about colour, why does it look more picture than ever?


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