Just tone

Over the last few weeks time and location have not been mine. Sewing machines are not known for their discretion and portability, so I have indulged in a hand stitched study of a tree.  I did not want to lug collections of threads around so it is done entirely in charcoal grey.  The aim was to try to mirror the  sketching  style.


5 minute biro sketch of fir tree, postcard size.

The current sketches  are very quick pen work, layers of rough crosshatching with the odd descriptive line twitching away.   I find this satisfactorily  active  and informal, allowing for variation and  modification, but tidy it isn’t. The sewing machine is too definite and organised, the lines are even and without  gaps and sudden aberrations, would the  hand stitching be any different?

The whole is worked in a small running stitch, quite uneven and even rather wobbly in places. The trunk has a layer of a diagonal stitch over the top to give greater density but this is not an exercise in perfection or is intended to excite  admiration for the technical expertise. This is about making the very simple work very hard.


And the over all effect?

There are one or areas are asking for another layer but in essence it is done.  Successful?p1050961


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