Thud and Clang!

Not about my work this week.

I was helping with making clay soldiers at  Stamford Bridge this Sunday at a living history/re enactment event celebrating the  950th anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge.  This was a  major encounter between Vikings and Saxons  just 3 weeks before Harold and William had their more famous scrap at the Battle of Hastings.

It was a vastly entertaining  day, the various battles and demonstrations   were  very  earnest but at the same time so tongue in cheek , all the ‘dead’ were resurrected very promptly in case the chain mail got rusty, I have never seen a group of grown men run so  enthusiastically slowly so the  children’s army could catch them, and as for the theatrics when ‘slain’ with the  very scary stick…..!  Excellent fun.


What has this to do with stitching ? –   you will be aware of the Bayeux Tapestry, the local embroiderers are engaged in creating one in the same style  about the Battle of Stamford Bridge. They were there  in force exhibiting the work so far  It is very impressive, done with a limited range of colour, very few stitches .  Take a  look  – Stamford Bridge Tapestry



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