Thinking Ahead

There was a frost, I made a penguin pillow and Christmas bunting for work a while ago – this means Christmas and the New Year aren’t too far away.  I am still finishing the Summer work, not yet on the Autumn stuff !p1050987

This is the complete piece first shown in the blog “Yellow”.  It is so heavily stitched in places that it is unrepentantly wobbly and will not remain flat. Rather than argue  I have just sealed the edges so of course it is now wildly of true. Win some, lose them later.

The other  strand of activity has been planning and developing some Christmas ideas using  some freehand work. These are for a couple of  second level afternoons (not total beginners or at least survivors of an introductory afternoon) run at the Viking Loom and I may well offer more intricate and intensive  afternoons at home. Some I intend to make up for the Artisan and Craft events I booked up for ( sad I know, but I enjoy eating).

If anyone is interested in joining me for any of these, the Thursday morning  sew ins, or in the new programme of workshops for the new  year please make contact.



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