Handy Hints

  • I thought I would share some handy hints and tips from the House of Brammer. Really I am hoping that I will take heed and listen to some of my own advice. Some are genuine, others are more of a personal insight.

    • Be nice to your sewing machine. It is not it’s fault. Apologising to it later does not help.

    • Start stitching with both threads drawn to the top of the fabric.

    • Only having one spare machine needle left may be seen as an invitation.

    • If using different thicknesses of thread or fabric do change the needle to suit.

    • Dewhisker the work as you go – must keep the underside clean of loopy bits and trailing tails of thread.

    • Test how you plan to layer colours – they will interact in unexpected ways. Contrasts, clashes and accents give vibrancy. Play safe and regret at leisure.

    • Keep changing the colour of the bobbin thread if working in layers and may need to undo a layer or two.

    • Clunks should be investigated.

    • Not stitching well? 1. Check the take up lever and make sure the top spool runs freely. 2. remove and rethread the bobbin. 3. Change the needle. Still a pain? Check all of your settings again and try on thicker fabric with feed dogs up. If it behaves then use stabiliser such as stitch n tear. If not, tea and biscuits, clean out the insides, service it.

    • Remember which way round the top spool goes on to the spool pin. On the vintage Frister- Rossmann get it wrong and the pin unwinds and the spool goes flying.


    • No system for organising threads will ever work for more than one rush job.

    • If you lose sight of your scissors do not encourage this naughtiness by hunting for them. Make a tea and sit on the sofa – 10-1 they will be embarrassed and reveal themselves.

    • Do not do hand work (sharp needles/pins/scissors) when the TV gets very exciting. (avoid Strictly Come Dancing at all costs)

    • When working on the sofa/armchair you will always sit on the scissors.



    • If painting do not put water pot and coffee cup in the same room let alone side by side.

    • Do not do finishing touches late in the evening or when rushing. And never ask advice at this late stage – you will only unpick more.

    • If you frame the work for sale it will never be right. If you don’t frame it then …..

    • Last One – It doesn’t matter but the back always looks best ( see image at the top!)



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