colour experiments II

Carrying on from last week’s experiments-  I really enjoy working in this way, almost an accumulation of colour rather than finding the one perfect match. It is more labour intensive and less predictable but it does add to the excitement.

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Perhaps it adds to the frustration.  The slideshow shows the layers, the different directions and densities of stitch.  The bottom image is the  end result. The shifting surface of the colours are quite intriguing , it does look different from different  angles, and depending on the context different colours become more dominant.

OK, so quite fun –  but how to use?  I usually select a group of colours to work with, picking them to match the overall feel of the final effect, whether light, bright, mute, sombre. There would be key colours, contrasts, shading tones, a  vibrant and a calm.  By balancing the amount and density different shadings of the main colour  can be built up. But having done these experiments I wanted something more direct. I wanted to achieve more while using less, so…..

task – to complete a sketch started last Winter and abandoned, experimented with and abandoned again. This relied on cross hatching with a deep purple brown thread  and was more about mass than colour. Odd choice.

The colours were laid on,  bright yellow for sharp notes, warm mid orange for  vibrancy ( less aggressive than the red) and blue on top to bind the whole together. Over that a layer or two of crosshatch scribble in the  purple/brown to do the drawing work and to tie this to the earlier style. The stitches are longer and less dense to imply a shift in scale and to try to create a sense of perspective.


Unfortunately I rather like it!  Now I’ll have to go back and sort the day-glo bush on the left.

A stitcher’s work is never done…….  well, coffee first perhaps.







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