Hospital Words take 2

So what do you do?  You take the quite successful outcome and  re-work it.

The jacket had been too solid, too definite. The words were too separate, and the colour too heavy on some strips. Apart from that- it was fine.

As soon as it was home – out came the needle and thread – yep, actually hand stitching! – and the thing was put back together in  Outcome 2.

Outcome Jacket  1   provided a shell to construct on, and then was magicked away.  The strips have been bleached  and threads pulled out to enhance the ethereal quality, and then pieced to recreate the jacket.


It works as I wish when back lit, but is still too solid otherwise and the lettering is clumsy.



Outcome 2 is hanging at the top of the stairs for the present -I am planning  which panels will be shredded further, playing with the window as a light source, and with adding  hanging words as in the original set up….  At some point I will make  and act on the decisions but it is in fester time now  and is out of bounds.

And the original  jacket?  Been experimenting  with different ways of wrapping streams of the more public words. I like the drawn pattern areas – it felt as if I was drawing Father back into it.

To stop me tinkering,  Possible Outcome 3   has been born today. This is a quarter scale  pyjama jacket I drafted this morning and made up in a fine cotton lawn.  On the outside are phrases and wishes born from the hospital experience machined on as the jacket was assembled .  –  ” let me tuck words of care and love into your pockets,  find them folded into the creases, hiding in the seams.  Wrap them around your fingers, let them keep you warm and hold you safe…” and so on.  On the inside are tabs with the original words on them.- “keep safe, how are you then?, hold on, be calm…”     These tabs are sewn into the seams and tucked into the facings.

It has been dunked in a PVA solution and is drying on Gwen the model now. After a few more coats it should dry rigid as a hollow 3D form.

I  don’t know yet if it will work but it has been worth a day to find out….I hope.




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