Thinking time



Still pondering about the layered landscape on muslin. Have added more stitching but  can’t get it to be the thing I want it to be – if that makes sense.  It is with in range but the way forward is  a tad fraught, along the lines of no going back.

Spent the morning wrestling with hanging layouts. It is in a heap on the floor so I guess it did not go well.

Options  – straight parallel panels-  classic but safe



3 out 5?

Parallelish panels but pulled together on a centre line – ummm but complex for the sake of it?


Should like this but still 3/5

In a square or circle or cruciform.– looked like a demented nappy hanger, jumbled, incoherent. 1/5 or less. I like the idea of seeing this the round but……


Problem – too much separation between the layers and they become more opaque and lose any connection between the imagery.  The scale feels wrong. The fabric doesn’t really work at 3 layers, unless I really do go into attack mode and deconstruct it.

As you can tell I haven’t started pulling threads to thin the fabric out yet, until I decide how to hang it I don’t know how much more stitching is required. It is enough of a pain to sew on even now, it has a desire to gather or distort and when that is thwarted  it tries to  disappear down through the needle plate. At least the machine is cleaned out regularly .

Solution – Stop dithering. Have found the frame from an old stunt kite is  ideal lightweight frame material- much better than broom handle and old shower curtain pole anyway.  So must do what feels right at that moment and suffer later if need be. The stitching can always be recycled onro the big landscape piece that is still draped over the bannister rail!

Major plus is time spent on distractions – day on the coast fossiling  proto Salt Aire submission piece, even hoovered.





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