This the one…. or…..maybe…..

Decisive. Focussed. Ummm.

The misty Autumn landscape is in its final throws of creation.

It has reduced in scale – the front layer is 1.2m, layers 2 & 3 are 1m long.


This is the final choice!  The front layer is reversed to show the cream bobbin thread is showing.


3 layers seems to be optimum – it allows the back layer to drift in and out of view depending on the amount of backlighting- just like a foggy morning.

I don’t imagine doing any more stitching now – it is just about thinning the fabric out. The muslin pulls easily and is holding its shape well. Some of the distorting the weave are quite extreme so I have left it to hang for a couple of days to see if it drops or sags badly before getting more viscous with the rest. But this is getting closer to how it will be.


The pulled areas are beginning to show- the vertical and horizontal ghost lines. The patterns created mirror the cross hatch stitching technique.



An exposed layer 2- now it looks incomplete without a layer in front!

I am waiting for delivery of a piece of acrylic and acrylic rods to dangle it from-( it might be fun to make the panels interchangeable-  Mrs Decisive strikes again) wood looked too heavy and I would like this to be more ethereal, with the structure barely there.



The distorted weave – a bit of a mess at present but must be patient. Love the hide/reveal quality.


Oooooh- sun came out for a moment – looking rather good- but you will just have to take my word for it!


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