More Tangents

Wrong title, it is all tangents.

Been thinking about more 3D-iness. A kind of book form made to stand partially open with a few interconnected leaves. Too be honest this idea has been niggling at me on and off for a long time – years. There is a little collection of protobookthings in the bin and the way forward is not entirely clear. The current experiment is not visually exciting at all, being  a piece of cotton lawn drying flat. This I hope to become the book covers – it has been dunked in PVA solution so should dry fairly rigid.

So in the mean time I have amused myself by making a miniature 1840s day dress to glue.

I blame Jane Eyre. And the Bronte sisters drama broadcast over Christmas. And the general Dickensian goggles that seem obligatory at this time of year.

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For those of you into historical costume, Janet Arnold’s books may be familiar. She went around public and private costume collections in the 1970s drawing and measuring. She produced a series a books showing the evolution of dress and dress construction with scale diagrams of all of the pieces used. I simply traced off an 1840s dress pattern and with a few adaptations, sewed it all together. The finished garment is about 8″ high.


pleats on the sleeve head instead of gathers -more stable at this size.

The small scale does pose problems. My fingers are too big, the needle was  longer than some of the pattern pieces, and seam allowances are dictated by the fabric!, hence the lapping at the waist. This is not pretty so a cord detail will be added later to cover this. The neck will be turned once the glue has stabilised the edge.


The dress is at the first dunk stage. The bodice and lower skirt are stuffed with clingfilm and bubblewrap until they set, which is why they look dark.  The shape of the skirt also needs some tweaking. And this was done for fun.

I must remind myself that this was fun. Even when peeling PVA off the kitchen top – this was fun.


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