Merchant Taylors

Meet my new friend  -this is the ceremonial robe of the Master of the  Guild of Merchant Taylors. I am to make a new one!   It is  showing its age on some of the seams and trims but is still a spectacular piece.


It is medieval-ish in concept, elaborate sleeve treatment, heavy, dramatic trimmings, and with seams on the front and back of the shoulder.  It is also wool, half lined,  rather large and very heavy. I shall call it Ronald.



The sleeves are the big thing- open underneath with a cape to the back and  a cut opening  for the cuff, then finishing with the sleeve tube hanging down to hem level. Not the conventional approach. There is an extra seam following the lower arm hole – haven’t worked out why yet. Ronald is a robe of mystery.


under the cape






holding the sleeve away from the side to show the cape.











Love the pleat detail on the back waist and button on the collar. p1060301

First make sense of this one, then draft a copy to get the pattern pieces, then change the sizes to suit the incoming master, and construct a toile.

They are thinking of an update – making it more coat like- but would feel good to keep at least a nod to the history.  We shall experiment a little and discuss at the first fitting.


Should keep me quiet for a while.

Apart from –

Stitching with Colour –  21st January – Day course at the Viking Loom, York.

Messy Days – 1st & 5th Feb  – kitchen sink dramas playing with staining, microwave dyeing, etc. Simple ways of working with wet media to add colour for stitching. Literally at my kitchen sink in York.

Contact for more details……

And upcoming exhibition at Blossom Street Gallery.

And it’s tea time……


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