Messy Day and Exhibition


Quite a busy week. Everything is ongoing. At least now the exhibition is up and running. Booked to do a demonstration event on the 5th of March, which is pages away in my diary. I’ll worry about that in a couple of weeks.


These photos were just as they were getting settled in, the installation was causing some concern as it is so open ended, the legs will disappear and some of the banners may dangp1060347le  and entangle the jacket or squirm around the plinth. Still haven’t got used to seeing the Big Beastie and wish that I had made it longer!


The other artist’s work is diverse and so individual that the whole exhibition has a great energy. Comments so far have been very positive!




That is the civilised side of the week. Since then I have made a distressing elephant  and hosted a Messy Day.  That at least was excellent fun, thank you to the ladies who came and were willing to try everything. This was a day spent playing with micro dyeing and kitchen top colouring techniques. p1060349 So also thank you to Mr Teabags, Mr Dylon, and Mr Red Cabbage. Some great results  with lots of ideas to develop further.

The next ‘at Home’ day course is a Stitchy Day exploring and experimenting with freehand machining techniques on the 15th.            Exciting!

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