Observations from the House of Brammer.

Truths about my textile art:

You will be inspired by a view from the most inaccessible plaHorsedale,Huggatece or at the top of the highest hill. There will always be a sheep there. Or nosey cows.


What looks good in paint or pencil doesn’t work in the same way in thread. Guessing how it will work is pointless, it will tell you it its own time.


When ever you find the perfect base fabric at a fabulous price, the supplier goes bust, emigrates, goes on a Buddhist retreat.

You will never have exactly the right colour,P1170407

weight or type of thread. Doesn’t matter what you buy, the one you put back was the right one.


You will always run out of the perfect thread just moments before completing. Usually just as the local supplier has closed for the day.

It is your needle’s mission in life to break.

Being the last viable needle in your possession is too much pressure. It will break, again just as the shop closes.

Mess with the bobbin tension gods at your peril. They will always seek retribution.

If using a hoop the bit you want to sew next will be under the frame.P1060885

If using an air pen to mark the fabric it will fade away before you finish stitching.


If it all goes well, it will look awful. Every piece needs an argument.


If the room is tidy when you finished, the work wasn’t worth it.

Count the coffee breaks rather than the hours.

The tighter the deadline the more intriguing whatever is happening outside the window.


The gallery/exhibition always wants the piece you have just sold.

The framing is always wrong. Or the fittings, or the label.

P1170426The photos you have are always the wrong size or resolution.

If rushing to get an on line submission together, that is when the auto updates kidnap your computer and it configures for ever, and then scrambles up the internet connection.

Facebook is a black hole for time and sanity.

If accepted for 2 exhibitions that overlap, they will want exactly the same pieces to show.

Only the pieces you never want to see again are praised, only the ones you secretly want back are sold.

And, of course, the back will look better than the front!big beastie crop


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