Plodding onward.


There is no sane explanation but I reckon we all do it. Launch headfirst into monster tasks that we know are difficult, hideously demanding, time gobbling and not always enjoyable.  Well this one is  proving a menace.


The initial layer went on easy enough but then bright idea – script but done by hand to get a less flat and uniform line. Certainly got the lack of uniformity,  I have achieved awkward.  Extended periods of hand work is difficult, often painful, and  it is so slow, so slow, so slow……  not even at the halfway point yet, but it is beginning to suggest what I want.

So this week has been full of distraction. The sun shone so out I went and found a new tree to make friends with! P1170654 I have been out sketching and photographing,   it is a huge broken willow. The main trunk has split and the major branches have fallen to the sides and taken root. This one tree is now a thicket with arches, gnarls and splinters.

And for some unknown reason there was the urge to make a daft rabbit. ?.  Nameless, P1170682faceless and tailless at present, but it already has a cousin who looks more like a giant disc with ears………

Don’t forget there are still a few workshops and stitchy days left this year, check the website for dates and details. I have also just started a facebook page for creative sew-y types “stitchiness”, very much in its infancy but looking for new members.

And for the locals – I have taken a table at a very local craft fair – Askham Bryan- to clear out some of my samples at silly prices, second week in November.



2 thoughts on “Plodding onward.

  1. I’ve been in exactly the same situation with a large commission I have been making for the past five months! It is now virtually finished and I think I have learnt an awful lot from it…of how not to do things! My way of getting away from it is going outside and taking photographs!
    Keep going, you’ll get there eventually!


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