Happy Bunny.

I still really don’t know what this is about, haven’t got close to the bottom of the ideas, etc, but I like it!   A rare occurance. I think it has legs and depth and a purpose and its own aesthetic and story and. It  has the marks and patterns of a landscape but yet looks like a delicate, worn scrap of clothing.


All hand stitched  and with a new layer of paint.

How has the writing of words on images and clothing has morphed into this ? I know there is a thread of an idea running through them all and each could not have happened without the others before it. I think this is a direct response about materials and processes to the theme, deliberately sidestepping ‘concept’, and I like it for it. This has that fragment, scraps of things feel that I like, glimpses of the nearly recognisable, and it is all about textile, surfaces, manipulation, pattern, texture. ( I am going to regret burbling like this, next week I will see all the flaws and awkwardness( but at the moment I just don’t care!))

I have to decide on presentation – Some of the details- the frays and breaks are vulnerable so glazing may be a must, that means frame, I like the raised elements so that means box frame, PAH.  It will look so different shut away and enclosed – it may look more precious….    ooo err sums it up. Need to find a friendly framer who will let me play……white?


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