Avoidance issues

Who is avoiding me? Who am I avoiding?  Turns out I am. That is I am trying very hard to avoid me, and proving quite good at it. Must be all the practice.

I am having a down time/inbetweeny bit/wallowing time. I can always tell because the consumption of pulp fiction goes through the roof. Never mind, make another coffee and find another distraction.  There are ideas there but not really resolved and functioning.  So after endless fiddling and havering at least I have greeting and Christmas cards ready to sell…..


…and a giant ‘stone’ wrapping experiment under way.

This is already on stage 4 or 5, poss 6.

Blue, purple and orange versions of the same fine cotton were machine sewn in random patches to create field patterns.

Machined tucks added in regular lines.

It was then applied to the stone shape, pinned and pulled to stretch and break some of the seams, extra patches added to give some stability and then hand stitched pleats and tucks made whenever the fabric was ‘flabby’.

Next into the bleach and colour run dye restorer. I do want it almost colourless but am now thinking that the orange is as stubborn as I am.

Emery board and tailors awl later the surface stitching began- making desire lines across the form, lacing the holes, working with the imperfections in the patches caused by the wrapping.

Stage 6ish –  back in the sink pulling more colour out. If any fabric survives this chemical and physical assault it will be amazing.  The orange still glows but the blue is far more of a sensitive beast. Hopefully it won’t end up a tangoed ghost stone. Won’t tell until it dries.


In fact, looking at this poor abused beastie, it might the thing, not avoidance of the thing after all.  Still don’t like orange though.


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