And they’re off!!….. No, they aren’t!…. yes they are…….well, sort of.

Busy week.  Met up with the other textiley makers exhibiting at the York Open Studios, quite a posse of us, all doing a variety of things –  exciting. Went into the York gallery to see the Literature Festival  exhibition and ordered a test batch of greeting cards to be printed.


Blossom Street Gallery


Met up with a local facebook group of sew-ers, (not only did it turn out that I had taught most of them but also that they know where I live!!!)  Went over to the Knaresborough gallery to negotiate over borrowing back some things for the YOS dates – they have sold most of them! Oops.

I have also become detached from the lone remaining braincell, I think it may be in the garden somewhere, dread to think that it might have escaped and  be on the loose wreaking havoc.

As for the work ….. The smelly thing still smells, it is not as I wish but  seems to be the best I am going to get at present. The fabric is stiffer but still flops, it is not rigid. It has a nasty plastic sheen in places. Adding more of the goo adds more to the nasty bits than corrects the problems, so…..

Stitched text onto some very fine cotton and pleated it to make into half of a pet-en-l’air. (A sack back 18thC jacket – lots of fabric, very few seams.)  This has been goo-ed and is just about set. P1170798


I left a lot of waste fabric on the pet to help to meld it onto the big smelly landscape and hopefully they will start to support each other.





franBrammerWolds pet en l'airAnother scrap piece is texted ready to be goo-ed and applied if needed. Have also thought of a system of uprights –  so much for a quick experiment.

franBrammerWolds and petdrying

An idea of the whole – the poles are temporary props.



Decided to do some small intensely stitched bits as light relief…… but only if I can put up with the smell!


York Open Studios 2017

Well, this is it folks. Nearly ready – just admin-y things to do.YOS 2017 Logo bleed_CMYKLarge

Open Sat 10 -6 and Sunday 11 – 5.

Do hope you can come, it is excellent fun and usually informative – I have found some fantastic makey – do-ey people in my local area through this event, one, a jeweller, literally just round the corner!  Of course the highlight will be coming to me! No 38 (take away dish or taxi car?).

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Spring must be close!

Beautiful morning! Full of light, frost and very cold noses.p1060337

Spring must be soon – woke to golden sunlight, cheepy birds and an amorous pigeon on a neighbour’s ridge tiles. (Ms Pigeon was having none of it)


And  plans for  kids’ stuff –  Romy  has already put them on the listings!   Let me introduce Raw/reverse/layered Applique Fox, and his friends- Strip Applique and  Fair Isle Jumper Rabbit….

Just quick and fun to do without being too drastic technically. Fair Isle Rabbit  was done without any freemotion  at all, only rows of utility stitching from my machine’s very limited selection.

Not much to show other than these  – exhibition is being mounted in the next couple of days, am half expecting a phone call along the lines of ‘what is it?’ or ‘eh?’. Should pics for next week.

Fitting for Ronald the robe on Monday, trying out sizing and the alternative sleeve treatments – may have pics for next week.

Also Messy Days dyeing  ‘classes’.

And the  big landscape….


The Gentle Art of Wet Henning.

Feel like I am standing still while spinning round and round without ever finishing anything!      State of anxiety – damp, slightly warm.

There is a whole list of part done things, none of which are at an exciting stage- just slog, fiddle, and general chaos.

Cluck.   Proposals and applications for events and exhibitions to finish and send.


Some of the exhibition stuff- blocking front door and workroom!


The Big Landscape is half way done. So also half not done. So also entirely populating one corner of the workroom floor.  Cluck.


Cluck.  Ronald the Robe is on his way – pieces for the toile are drawn out. Needs to be cut out  and the toile made up, then the cutting table can be put away and I get some floor space back. Cluck.

Prepping work for exhibition. Always takes for ever. and takes over completely. Can’t get out of the front door and have to duck into the workroom.     Very big cluck.

Prepping for workshops on stitching , dodgy dyeing and creative sewing with kids. Samples and ideas all over the place.  CLUCK.




Have spoken with the gallery and I am going to take a wide range of things in,  some  may not be practical for their space  or commercial enough but they want to try.

The Hospital Words installation may only appear in part and might end up on a mannequin if they can not dangle the jacket and banners as it was at the Old Fire Station. The large hanging is over 6′ and delights in the name of The Big Beastie (supposed to be “Middlemoor, Nidderdale” but ….) and the rest are more conventional landscape pieces. These are the bigger trio, there will be some smaller bits as well!


I find the difference between the Winter pieces and the Summer piece quite mad, it wasn’t deliberate. I had wanted to make more use of vivid colour but hadn’t realised the compositions, style and even density of stitching was so different!


Colour, shadows, mists,  blues, mad spiders!  It is so good when the  seasons change, the known becomes different, the character changes. All of a sudden cycling with sandals becomes far too elemental an experience, and a draught is a bad thing not a welcome relief.

The joy of finding a tree,  then draw, ponder, sew.

It was so good that I forgot to record the process, chopped up the sketches and haven’t even got the images out of the camera yet.

autumn tree Clifton Bridge

This is the Autumn Tree, Clifton Bridge.  For those not York people, this is a main road bridge, not glamorous or special but the raised path does give a great view of the willows down by the river.  Hop off the bike by the traffic lights, quick sketch and photos, reassure the folk who stopped to see if there was a problem (embarrassing, but very kind) and off again to the Home of Colin at Stonebow.  Stagger up the stairs, pull Colin out of his cave, plug in and sew. That immediate.  Found the vanishing muslin had lived upto its name so sewed madly over some proper muslin and spent  hours sat in the sunshine pulling the warp and weft out. That was the main textured part. It was put over a foundation of cross hatched patches and scraps and scribbled into place. And there it is……  want to do another but with dark bobbin threads on the lace work…..

I’m doing an artist in a gallery thing again this coming weekend at the Blossom Street Gallery in York – small forest by then?

I exhibit therefore I am.

This is it folks – it is on the wall, it is for retail,  this week at least I am a proper artist. ( okay, some of it is on the table so people can touch and look more closely at the surfaces.)  A lovely, busy gallery in York, , up on top of Micklegate right by the city walls: the Blossom Street Gallery and Framing. They take a mixture of work from all genres so my cross pollinations should fit in quite well..


Blossom Street Gallery and Framing, York, UK.

The gallery has the work up, labels, artist burble and price list.  Always an exciting moment. The gallery ladies seem to have great fun dressing the exhibit – gone to a lot more trouble than I was expecting for what is a very short notice event.  I still can’t decide whether these are best presented as art which happens to be textiley or textiles which happens to be arty.  They had such a strong response for the textile qualities and thought the  fraying and distorted edges, the odd dangling thread etc are part of what makes these uniquely mine, that I’ve gone with their judgement.


Still can’t get over how different the work looks en masse and how much it has changed in a few quick months.  There is still one piece I can’t remember doing,  I know I have made it but don’t retain any idea of the piece at all-    spooky  phantom textile work of old York Town, well, ‘Above Kettlewell’.


Surprisingly enough there was no mass rush of discerning millionaires fighting to buy out the stock and worship me for every more.(would probably still be running in the opposite direction if anyone tried!)

Please do come in and have a look if at all possible, I would love you to meet the beasties in the flesh, so to speak. Would also  be delighted to have your opinions.

Still waiting for those millionaires.